It means "I love you"

Ever had a bad case of LSS or "Last Song Syndrome"? With the nursery rhyme "skidamarink", I find myself singing it day in day out while making up words and sounds just to fit the addicting melody.

Skid-a-marink a-dink a-dink, poochie-poochie-pachoo-pachooooo means I love you!

My 1-year old gets a laugh at it as he wiggles his hips along with the music. Weird as skiramarink and the rest of the made-up lyrics go, I 100% meant it. I love you! In this big reality we live in, and in this fun little world we have made on our own, your daddy and I love you, little one.

I am Rosie and my LSS and moments like these with my son and husband are some of the reasons why I started this blog and this online store.

In this online platform, I wish to share what I have learned and researched during my first year as a mom. The hurly-burly of new parenthood life had me spilling with insights and learnings on child rearing in the year 2020 - and boy, how different it is from how I was brought up during the 90s!

Together with fellow new parents, who happened to be pediatricians and occupational therapists, I hope to find a community of fellow new parents who have found also joy, frustration, patience, and love in parenthood while adjusting to the new normal.

So, if you're still here and you also wish to find someone who would relate to your new life filled with overwhelming love, sleepless nights, giggles, boo-boos and yay-yays, sore nipples from breastfeeding, tireless playtime, aching gums, cabin fever, and more, then you are very much welcome! And I want to start by saying that you have been great parent, you have done your best, and skidamarink, I love you.

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